The beauty of the theatre is that people from different backgrounds gather together to be delighted and moved by story. For a few hours, we forget our differences and look in the same direction - towards a lit stage full of actors who take us on a journey that might be reminiscent of our own, or utterly different in a way that wakens us to empathy.

The beauty of a shared meal in the Mercantile Dining Room is that everyone loves food. So, we get to break bread together with family and friends, and strangers who might just become friends.

The beauty of the Rosebud landscape is that it is ever changing- a living celebration of the constancy of the seasons. The voices of First Nations storytellers and singers long gone still echo in the hills.

So too have the voices of storytellers on our Rosebud Theatre stages echoed in the conversation of patrons as they leave the valley to cross the prairies to their homes across the province.

Young storytellers have shouted their lines into the hills around Rosebud, and listened to the same wind that ruffled ceremonial feathers in centuries past.

And all of us look to the horizon, wondering what the next chapter of our lives will bring. What should this new world emerging from the chaos of the last 2 years look like?

Join us for a season where two women of different generations and backgrounds bond in the face of adversity, a movie wakes an Irish village to the story in its midst, a woman holds on to ordinary but brilliant things in times of trouble, children pass through a wardrobe into a new world where they will make all the difference, and a collection of characters seize a moment in time that will make their future and the future of the world brighter.

Join us for a season of stories in a new world.

Morris Ertman –Artistic Director

What Visitors Say

Rosebud Theatre should be on everyone's destination list

“My daughter and I travelled from the States. We loved seeing the incredible scenery throughout Alberta. Boy, were we surprised to enjoy such quality theatre tucked into the little town of Rosebud on the prairie. The Rosebud Theatre should be on everyone's destination list when visiting Alberta. If I lived there, I would be a regular. Thank you for sharing this treasure.

Melanie H